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Carbocone Carbon Filters by Prima Klima



Prima Klima Carbocone Carbon Filters

These filters feature a unique cone shaped inner mesh sleeve thats drastically improves filtration efficiency and extends filter life.
Manufactured in Europe using high quality CTC65 Activated Carbon, precision cut steel mesh and supplied with an external pre filter sleeve, these are one of the best filters we have seen and can be relied upon to eliminate odours(VOC's - volatile organic compounds) and provide optimum air flow.

Carbocone filters are fitted with hanging loops.


Available in various sizes and flow ratings to suit most fans.

Carbocone 400m3 - 100/500

Flange: 100mm - 4 inch
Diameter: 180mm
Height: 500mm
Carbon Weight: 3.85kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 400m3
Total Weight: 5.5kg

Carbocone 600m3 - 125/625

Flange: 125mm - 5 inch
Diameter: 205mm
Height: 625mm
Carbon Weight: 5.45kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 600m3
Total Weight: 7.75kg

Carbocone 1000m3 - 150/750

Flange: 150mm - 6 inch
Diameter: 230mm
Height: 750mm
Carbon Weight: 8.05kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 1000m3
Total Weight: 11.2kg

Carbocone 1500m3 - 200/1000

Flange: 200mm - 8 inch
Diameter: 280mm
Height: 1000mm
Carbon Weight: 13.05kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 1500m3
Total Weight: 18.1kg

Carbocone 3250m3 - 250/1050

Flange: 250mm - 10 inch
Diameter: 415mm
Height: 1050mm
Carbon Weight: 29.45kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 3250m3
Total Weight: 38kg

Carbocone 4700m3 - 315/1250

Flange: 315mm
Diameter: 415mm
Height: 1250mm
Carbon Weight: 34.4kg CTC65
Max. airflow: 4700m3
Total Weight: 43.4kg

  • Conical inner mesh sleeve
  • CTC65 Activated Carbon
  • Outer dust filter supplied
  • Removes odours and particulates
  • Low pressure drops