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AutoPot 15 Litre Systems



AutoPot Watering Systems are simple to use, flexible self watering systems that use no electricity just a simple gravity fed float switch.

This means they can be used on sites with no mains power or that suffer from power cuts.

A variety of media can be used such as soil mixes, coco/perlite or coco/clay pebble mixes.

The AutoPot 1 Pot 15 Litre Systems are suitable for growing a wide variety of plants and vegetables.

Our systems are available in many sizes from 1 to 100 Pots, if you have different requirements just call us for a bespoke quote.

The AutoPot 1 Pot 15 Litre System comes with:

15 Litre Pot

Tray and Lid


Marix Discs

Root Control Discs

Nutrient Reservoir or Water Butt

All pipework and fittings

*We also include air pump, air line and air stones for the water butt, this is to keep the nutrient solution or water aerated.

  • 15 Litre Square Pot
  • Self watering
  • Can be used without electricity
  • From 1 to 100 Plants
  • Simple to use