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LUMii Black 600 Watt Complete Lighting Kit



Complete lighting kits featuring the LUMii Black 600 Watt Magnetic Ballast, a choice of lamp(bulb) and your choice of reflector.

The LUMii Black 600 Watt Ballast is a great value for money and can run both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs.

The LUMii Black HPS lamp is a good quality budget high pressure sodium bulb that can be used for veg and flower.

The LUMii Sunblaster HPS is high quality high pressure sodium bulb, it has more blue light than the LUMii Black for better veg growth and great flower development

The Sunmaster DS HPS Lamp is a dual spectrum lamp for great veg and flower growth.

The Grolux HPS is the industry standard high pressure sodium bulb, it has enhanced blue spectrum(aka dual spectrum) for better vegatitive performance whilst still providing excellent flower growth.

The Osram Son T(Nav T) is a high quality high pressure sodium bulb that is more to the red end of the spectrum, this means even better flower growth and abundant fruits.

The Powerplant Metal Halide is the perfect choice for vegatitive growth, metal halide bulbs promote lush growth and tighter internodel spacing, they are not suitable for flowering.

Choose the reflector that suits your requirements, the reflectors are pictured below as featured products for comparison.

  • LUMii Black 600 Watt Ballast
  • Your choice of bulb
  • Your choice of reflector
  • Saving over buying seperately