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Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Light Emitting Plasma)



The Gavita Pro 270e LEP is a plasma light fixture based on the LUXIM Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology. It has no moving parts and is purpose built for use in grow rooms and tents.

It can also be controlled with the Gavita Master Contoller.

The LEP technology is based on a radio frequency driver which excites an emitter cell without electrodes. The molecules in the emitter transform into plasma state, emitting an intense full continuous spectrum light.

Features & Benefits

No electrode wear which translates in a very long lamp life

Very high quality light (full spectrum) because of the molecular light emission, including UVA and UVB

Very stable light spectrum

Long output stability (at mean stable output) over time

Absence of infrared radiation

  • Long Life
  • High quality Light Outout
  • Stable Light Spectrum
  • Available in a supplemental or veg unit