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OptiClimate Pro3 Water Cooled Climate Control



The OptiClimate Pro 3 Series water-cooled air conditioner is the only true total solution for indoor climate control. It cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air. It was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised & efficient product that controls the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible. The OptiClimate cools the air using water as coolant and heats it by means of ceramic heaters. Most complete stand alone climate system! Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air with a single appliance Water cooled, you don’t need external chillers Fully automatic because of the light sensor; set temperatures and ready to go! Built-in temperature and water leakage safety switch.

Opticlimate User Manual


  • Water Cooled Air Conditioner
  • Cools and heats for perfect temperature
  • Dehumidifies and filters air
  • Creates an ideal enviroment
  • Total Climate Control