At The Greenhouse Effect we have used our knowledge of growing along with our long experience of selling tent kits to offer a new style of kit.

Our experience tell us that people want a kit that actually has all the hardware needed to grow, not the bare minimum. However everyone is individual and has their preferred way of growing (NFT, soil, hydro, coco) and preferred choice of nutrient.

These kits contain everything you require to create the perfect environment for fast growing, healthy plants that can achieve their full potential and deliver
the highest yields, just add your choice of grow system, media and nutrient and you are good to go.

All the Hardware, less of the hard work…

  • For the perfect environment
  • All hardware that you need
  • Quality components
  • Best on the market
Weight 156 kg
2.4 Metre x 3.6 Metre Expert T...


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