5 Disc Mist Maker Humidifier
This powerful and compact humdifier produces water vapour via ultrasonic vibration for a very fine micron size droplet correcting the humidity of the air dried out by central heating or environmental conditions associated with indoor growing.
Mist Makers maintain the optimum growing environment required for cuttings and seedlings as well as with growth through the vegetative stage of your plant cycle.
Place in a large bucket in the centre of the growroom and watch the vapour float around your cuttings producing rapid growth rates and delivering greater nutrient uptake as well as nutrient transportation. 

The Mist Maker is cool running, very quiet when operating and requires no wiring as it plugs directly into a standard electrical plug socket.
This product uses a special coated disc for less frequent changing and works in an instant and can last up to 2000 working hours.
It has an output of 400ml per hour.

Usage Tips
The best way to use these is with the dedicated float, this means that you can simply place in a suitable reservoir and be sure that the mist maker is always at the correct level, even as the water level drops.

You can also operate the mist maker with a timer.

A better, more accurate way of controlling a humidifier is with a Hygrostat that you set the required humidity level and it will turn the humidifier on and off as neccessary.

  • Raises humidity levels
  • Simple to use
  • Very quiet
  • Can be used with a Hygrostat
  • Plug and play
Weight 1 kg
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