Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1 Litre

Flawless Finish(formerly Final Phase) is a flushing agent that actively removes salts and minerals from the plants root zone using chelates, in this case Chelated Magnesium.
The Sulphur content helps to ripen and finish the crop.

Not flushing plants correctly can leave impurities that can reduce quality and flavour in fruits and flowers.


Apply at 2ml per litre to fresh water, do not add any nutrients to the solution.


Use Flawless Finish for 4 Days and then feed water only for at least 3 days.
Always allow water to stand for 24 hours to let chlorine dissipate before use or use Ecothrive Neutralise to remove chlorine.

  • Removes salts and minerals
  • Improves flavour
  • Enhances quality
  • Simple but effective
Weight 1.2 kg
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