Bio Nova Vitasol 5 Litre – Stimulator with Carbohydrate

Vitasol is a liquid organic soil-improver based on potassium (6%). Its organic origin facilitates the absorption of Vitasol by the crop.
Furthermore, it is extremely suitable as a converter of available nutrients, especially in periods of high production and rapid growth.
This product is absorbed by both roots and leaves, which practically rules out burning of the plant.
It mixes easily with water and can be added to the plant by means of a dripping system, but then rinsing is recommended.
As a result of its organic basis, Vitasol establishes a stable and constant growth, a strong root-hair development, a healthy colour and a high natural resistance to diseases.
This product contains lime, potassium, and a great number of trace elements.
This product gives an extra sweet taste to fruits.

Throughout grow and bloom phases – 2.5 to 5ml per 10 litres.
To sweeten crops – 5 to 15ml per 10 litres during last 3 weeks.

  • Sweetens crops
  • Improves soil health
  • Rapidly absorbed
Weight 7 kg
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