Bluelab Guardian Monitor
Measures all three critical parameters for successful plant growth. Water Temperature, EC and pH.

pH meters are an essential part of any grow room set up which help maximise nutrient uptake. When  the pH is consistently incorrect it can lead to plant dificiences and even slower growth rates. To mantain meter accuracy calibrate this meter every 2 weeks with Buffer 4 and 7. This will ensure that the readings that you are getting are correct which will make for much happier plants.

Before use it’s important to soak the pH probe in some KCL solution. This will hydrate the probe and help with longevity. Never let the probe dry out and when not in use add some storage solution to the cap to stop this happening. The new probe with need calibrating with two Buffers, normally 4 and 7. Do this before using and when obtaining a reading try not to put the probe where water might be coming back into the tank from a pump or where it will get the way when you are mixing the nutrient solution. 

The Bluelab pH Probe is easy to clean because of its bullet shaped glass bulb, fully waterproof and less fragile than all-glass electrodes because of its tough polypropylene barrel. The pH probe is gel filled (non-refillable) making it maintenance free and has a double junction reference which provides longer life.

Measuring the nutrient level via an EC meter is much more accurate than using the m/per litre method of feeding plants. Using a meter will give you more control over the amount of nutrients and additives that you are giving the plants and also it can indicate if the plants are actually uptaking the nutrients or they are being over fed. To mantain meter accuracy clean the carbon tip with the Blueab Conductivity Care Kit every two weeks.

Key Features of the Bluelab Guardian
Plant safe green LEDs
Silent alarm functions
Non-volatile memory saves user settings when power is lost
Water resistant
Adjustable display brightness
Two year free repair or replacement guarantee. (Six months for pH Probe)
(Wall mounted, for pH/EC/temp).

Available as a Guardian Standard  or Guardian Connect.

The Guardian Connect has the ability to send readings via wi-fi (connect stick needed for laptop, available seperately).

  • Monitors water temperature, EC and pH
  • Water resistant
  • Plant safe green light
Weight N/A

Guardian Monitor Standard, Guardian Monitor Connect, Connect Stick

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