Liquid Karma is a highly-concentrated, all natural plant growth stimulant which can be used throughout the entire growing cycle until ripening. 

Formulated with a full complement of metabolically-active and organic compounds, Liquid Karma’s versatility and ability to amplify growth in all phases is due to its unique and balanced blend not found in other supplements. 

Each of the compounds in Liquid Karma gets absorbed as the plant needs it, with ingredients acting as plant signal activators and catalysts to produce robust growth at every stage of development.
Liquid Karma remains the industry standard. Often imitated, it’s never duplicated.

Benefits of using Liquid Karma:
• Infused with micronutrients, humic acid, and fulvic acid, Liquid Karma enhances
essential oil and aromatic terpene production in your plants.
• Liquid Karma helps increase fruit and flower size as well as maximize the number of
flower and bud sites.
• Increasing plant metabolism at every stage of growth, Liquid Karma promotes
accelerated root development in clones. Use it at nearly every stage of plant development.
• Liquid Karma boosts plants’ immune systems, while protecting plants from transplant
shock and environmental stress.
• Containing a mild nutrient charge, Liquid Karma helps keep mother plants healthy
and lush.

Instructions for use: Use 5-10 ml per gallon except during ripening, depending on stage of growth. As foliar spray,
use 15 ml per 1 gal (3.8 liters) of water. Mix well and adjust pH before feeding or spraying.

Suitable for hydroponic, coco and soil applications



  • All natural formula
  • Plant growth stimulant
  • Enchances essential oils and terpenes
  • Increases flower size and number
  • Use in Hydro, Coco or Soil
Weight N/A

960ml – 1 Quart



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