The BOYU Nutrient Chiller helps to keep your hydroponic nutrient solution cool regardless of the temperature inside the growroom.

Unique Features:

Can be used for both fresh water and sea water(perfect for mineral rich solutions).

Super-refrigeration can decrease the water temperature from 35°C to 18°C rapidly

The micro-computerised control system makes it easy to operate and accurately control

The over current and overheat auto-protection system makes it safe and reliable.

Why use chillers?

Hydroponic grow systems are one of the fastest and best yielding methods of cultivation but are very sensitive to high water temperatures.

We can deal with these high temperatures by using ice packs or changing nutrient solution regularly, this isn’t always conveneint or practical.

Using a quality water chiller such as Boyu allows the grower to control the temperature of the nutrient solution.

A water temp of 18-20c should keep a plants roots in excellent health but some expert growers use their chillers to promote development of anthocyanins leading to spectacular end results…


Instruction Manual

  • Maintains nutrient solution temperature
  • Helps with preventing root disease
  • Aids in nutrient uptake
  • Ideal for mineral rich solutions

L-075 – Up to 200 Litre, L-200 – Up to 350 Litre, L-350 – Up to 600 Litre, L-500 – Up to 1000 Litres