Dimlux Expert Series Complete Lighting System
The Dimlux Expert Series Complete Lighting System is, in our opinion, some of the most advanced lighting available for the indoor gardener. Featuring Alpha Optics Reflectors, 400 Volt Technology and multiple power options these lights are the ultimate option for the grower who demands more. 

How to use
The Dimlux Expert Series Lights can be controlled externally via the Dimlux Maxi Controller or manually via the dimmer switch on the back of the Dimlux ballast. If you do choose to use with the Maxi Controller it has a many cool features to help improve your growing environment if you also wish to add them such as, a Co2 analyser.

  • Complete with Ballast, Bulb and Reflector
  • Can be dimmed manually
  • 400 Volt Technology
  • Can be used with external controller
  • Alpha Optics Reflector
Weight N/A

1000 Watt 400 Volt, 600 Watt 400 Volt

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