Dutchpro 1 Compo Grow
1 Compo Grow is a completely balanced 1 part base fertiliser that can be used in any media whether coco, soil, rockwool or hydroponic systems. It’s great for beginners and experts who don’t like to mix A and B bottles.

Formulated with all 17 essential macro and micro nutrients to ensure lush, healthy growth.

1 Compo Grow is suitable for all irrigation and hydroponic methods and won’t block drippers.

How to use
Either the less accurate ml’s per litre technic or more accurately the nutrient can be measured electronically with a high quality EC meter like the Essentials or the Bluelab Truncheon . Always make sure each nutrient and additive goes into the nutrient solution, tank, bucket or jug individually and stirred throughly into the water before adding and mixing the next additive or nutrient. Remember to always add the pH adjuster last after the additives and nutrients have been added.

  • All 17 essential nutrients
  • Can be used with all media
  • Easy 1 part formula
  • Can be used in hydro sytems
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1 Litre

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