Ebb & Flood Systems (Flood & Drain)
Flood & Drain systems offer growers the options to control every aspect of their grow. Can be used with any growing medium, with or without pots and adjust the number and duration of feeds to get the optimum performance from their plants. 

How its works
The plants sit on a table, placed above a nutrient solution tank. A timer is used to set the frequency at which nutrient solution is pumped from the tank to flood the table and is then allowed to ebb away. As the water is pumped up from the tank below it pushes the old air away from the roots and as the water drains back to the tank it draws fresh air back into the grow media meaning a highly oxygenated root zone.

Tank sizes
EF 120 size 22″ x 22″

EF 230 size 44″ x 44″

EF 420 size 60″ x 20″

  • Highly oxygenated root zone
  • Different sizes available
  • Easy access to the nutrient chamber
Weight N/A

EF120, EF230, EF420

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