Ecolizer TOP-UP is the ultimate flower forcer to stimulate the maturing process of among others buds, fruits and flowers. Ecolizer TOP-UP is based on botanical extracts and minerals and consists of 100% natural ingredients. Ecolizer TOP-UP also contains a unique blend of plant hormones that stimulate the plant to start its maturing process. Ecolizer TOP-UP ensures that all strength of the plant at the end of its bloom phase is directed to the fruits and flowers. Plants are typically becoming weaker at the end of their lifecycle. Ecolizer TOP-UP ensures that the plant mobilises extra resistance and lasts until the very end of the cycle. This results in large buds, fruits or flowers with a considerable weight.

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Please note that the Ecolizer range now comes in 1 litre bottles not the old 600ml or 1200ml cans.


  • Fuller heavier harvest
  • Better crop quality
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Use at 1ml per litre
Weight 1.3 kg
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