Myco Jordan – Professional Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant
Myco Jordan is a wettable powder containing 100% organic endomycorrhizal fungi at superior concentrations of the purest viable spores used as a soil drench or seed/root inoculant. These fungi attach and construct a vast colonization of symbiotic associations inside and outside plant roots that are actually extensions (absorbent fibres) of the root zone forming thousands of access points which significantly enhance water and nutrient availability and absorption; which will promote profound plant vigour, optimized root growth, enhanced crop quality and increased yields.

How to use
Start by pre-mixing the product with a small amount of water and gradually mix in more water until the desired dilution rate is attained. Add to reservoir. Keep agitated throughout application. This will keep the mycorrhizal fungi in suspension for equal distribution when applying as a root drench.

• Seed treatment: Lightly dust each seed prior to planting.

• Cuttings: Add 1-2 teaspoon(s) per 4 litres of water. Pre-soak starter grow medium up to 15 min prior to placing new cuttings.

• Transplanting small plants: Lightly dust each plant site with 1-2 teaspoon(s) around the root zone or directly on the plant roots. Make sure the roots are in direct physical contact with the powder inoculum.

• Established Plants in Soil & Coco: Add 1-2 tablespoon(s) per 4 litres of water. Pour solution around the base of each plant site. Apply once up to 3 times a week until the 2nd or 3rd week of flower.

Designed for use in Soil, Coco and Hydroponics.

Contains non-plant food ingredients
Mycorrhiza: 500 viable spores per gram (227,000 viable spores/lb)
Endomycorrhiza/gram: Glomus Intraradices – 500 viable spores per gram
(227,000 viable spores/lb)

  • For soil, coco or hydroponics
  • Accelerates root growth
  • Helps to root cuttings
  • Great when transplanting
  • Established plants also benefit
Weight N/A

8 oz – 227g, 1lb – 454g, 2lb – 908g

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