EnviroGro by LUMii Compact Fluorescent Lighting

The LUMii CFL Grow Lamps are the low energy option for your grow room and are available in either 130 watt or 300 watt versions, and 3 different colour temperatures, Supercool, Cool and Warm.
LUMii CFL Grow Lamps generate less heat than most grow lights so they are great for use in small spaces, with house plants or when ambient temperatures are too high to run HID lighting.


CFL lamps feature an E40 screw in lamp holder so can be used with most reflectors that have this lamp holder, CFL lamps are much larger than standard HPS lamps so the reflector must have enough clearance to accept the lamp. The CFL lamps have built in ballasts(power supply), this means that they are plugged straight into a socket with no need for an external ballast. A 3 pin UK plug can be wired on to the reflector lead, alternatively a HID to CFL Convertor Set or Kettle Lead can be plugged in to the reflector lead instead.

CFL lamps can also be hung vertically using a Cord Set, these are ideal for use when supplementary lighting is required.

Colour Choices

Supercool lamps have a colour temperature of 14000k, which produces an ultra crisp white light, perfect for propagating seedlings and cuttings.

Cool lamps have a colour temperature of 6400k, which produces a crisp white light suited to propagation and vegetative growth.

Warm lamps have a colour temperature of 2700k, which produces a warm light with more red which is used in the flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth.


130 Watt  –  350mm long – 105mm diameter – 650g weight

300 Watt  –  380mm long – 160mm diameter – 1.25kg weight


  • 2 Power Options
  • 3 Colour Options
  • Less heat than most grow lights
  • Can be hung vertically
  • E40 screw in fitting
Weight N/A

300 Watt – Supercool – 14000k, 300 Watt – Cool – 6400k, 130 Watt – Supercool – 14000k, 130 Watt – Warm – 2700k, 300 Watt – Warm – 2700k

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