ExHale 365 CO2 Bag

The ExHale 365 series of CO2 bags has taken technology to the top, literally to the top of the original CO2 bag. Nestled safely inside the spawn pod is our award winning exhale strain.

Our multi patent-pending design utilises a separation seam that allows our spawn pod to remain active and also allows for specific timing of co2 production.
Retailers and end-users love the ExHale 365! With a guaranteed 3 months of distribution and shelf life, the ExHale 365 will be ready when you are. Once CO2 initiation has occurred, CO2 production will begin in earnest with peak CO2 production beginning after 30-45 days. CO2 will continue to be released for the remainder of 9 months.

How To Use

The separation seam also serves as a hanger. When you remove it, allow the material in the upper spawn pod to fall to the sterilised substrate below by gently moving the spawn pod down to the lower part of the bag.
Re-attach the separation seam hanger by placing it above the filter patch.
The Exhale bag can now be placed in your garden. Use the grommet hole to hang the ExHale bag slightly above your plants.
Full production will be reached within 30-45 days. The ExHale 365 will produce CO2 for 9 months.


  • 1 Bag for up to 16 square feet
  • Cost effective CO2 for tents or rooms
  • The CO2 Revolution!
  • Last up to 9 months
Weight2 kg