FloraFlex FloraCap Hard Caps

This cap is a patent pending revolutionary tool for top feeding that also helps eliminate algae.
The FloraCap 2.0 was redesigned to give you a more consistent flow rate, even distribution, a slightly increased air flow, and improved stabilization.
Place the FloraCap on top of your rockwool cubes, maximizing your space in the vegetative cycle.
Fill the cap with water and nutrients by hand or automate with FloraClips.
Each cap features flower-designed louvers(13 on the 4″ and 26 on the 6″) that deliver water, nutrients, and air to the medium while blocking light.
The FloraCap strategically covers the top of the media allowing the root zones to dry at a more consistent rate and delivering the necessary oxygen your plants need to thrive. Algae disappears, healthy roots fill the medium, and blossoms multiply.


Attach your delivery pipe to the cap using a FloraClip, the 4 inch cap is perfect for use with 4 inch rockwool blocks and/or rockwool slabs, the 6 inch cap is ideal for use with the 6 inch Hugo blocks.


You can also use these caps with pots filled with any media i.e. Soil, coco or coco/clay mix, although it may not cover the media completely, you will benefit from the more even distribution of the nutrient solution.

  • Perfect for use with rockwool blocks
  • Gives great nutrient distibution
  • Maximise growing space
  • Totally re-usable
Weight N/A

6 Inch – 150mm, 4 Inch – 100mm

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