Flower Bomb 1 Litre – Flower Maximiser
Flower Bomb is an extremely powerful additive that makes plants in the reproductive stage synthesize extraordinary masses of flower tissue resulting in unbelievably heavy bud sets.
When size matters drop Flower Bomb into a nutrient solution to trigger a lateral explosion of intense dense bud, flower and fruit.

Flower Bomb compliments all nutrient programs and is suitable for all garden systems and mediums.
Used in conjunction with a PK rich nutrient solution yield weight can be increased by up to 70%.

How to use
Add Flower Bomb to nutrient solution at 3ml per litre in re-circulating systems or 5ml per litre in run-to-waste gardens (e.g. soil and coco pots).
Use in weeks 4 and 5 of the 12/12 flowering period.

Flower Bomb can also be used earlier to control the height of plants that have reached the desired maximum height.

Use an elastic band around the Flower Bomb bottle to attach a pipette to use with Flower Bomb only to avoid contamination with other products.

Use high quality (fresh & unused) growing mediums for best results.

Do not reuse media with Flower Bomb added as this can result in stunted plants.

To get maximum weight gain from Flower Bomb supplement the nutrient solution with a quality PK additive (phosphorous and potassium) during the flowering phase.
Experiment with Flower Bomb using it at different stages of flower & for varying exposure lengths and you are guaranteed to get a wide ranging interesting results!

  • Triggers flower growth
  • Can control plant height
  • Use with a PK booster
  • Hardens the flower
Weight 1 kg
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