UVR8 is a protein which is produced by some types of plants in defence against UVB light. It is stimulated by UVB light at 288nm.

UVB light (within the range of 280-320nm), is normally received from the sun. When a plant detects UVB at 288nm, it produces the UVR8 protein. This protein acts as a chemical messenger which in turn, signals to the plant to secrete more oils and resins to help protect itself from the UVB rays.

Virtually no lamps produce UVB in the 280-320nm range due, in part, to the limitations of the glass. Solacure lamps are the an exception as they use a type of glass designed specifically for transparency across the UVB spectrum.

This patented glass technology, combined with our unique blend of phosphors and high output, is what makes Solacure lamps the most effective producers of UVA and UVB light, and the only lamps capable of triggering the full UVR8 effect

All of this adds up to a higher quality, heavier crop.

Some other, less obvious, benefits include the fact that elevated UV levels have a  damaging effect on most growroom pests meaning they will try to avoid UV exposure. Also UV has been shown to help prevent moulds such as powdery mildew getting established.

The Flower Power Lamps and fixtures are modular and up to 8 fixtures can run from 1 power lead.

Use 2 Flower Power fixtures per HPS lamp for optimum performance, the fixtures should be installed at the same height as the HPS reflector.

As the fixtures are 50 watts each and are used for up to 4 hours per 12 hour light period, they are extremely cost effective to operate.

Full instructions and guidance will be given in store.

  • Higher Quality Crops
  • Improved Yields
  • Cost effective
  • Modular Fixtures
Weight N/A

UVR8 Link Cable 1.5m – 5ft, Power Lead 3m UK, UVR8 Lamp 1200mm – 4ft, UVR8 Fixture Only 1200mm – 4ft

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