G.A.S White Black Combi Ducting – 10 Metre

This combi ducting has a black aluminium inner with a white polyester cover to provide added protection against accidental puncturing of the ducting, this, combined with a steel helix, makes it strong, long lasting and less likely to collapse.
The black internal aluminium also reflects less light to prevent light entering or leaving the duct.

Ducting is simple to install, use a sharp blade and wire cutters to cut to the required length.
It can be attached to fans, filters or metalwork in a variety of ways, Jubilee Clips or Fast Clamps provide a secure, strong connection.

To maximise the performance of your fans, always try to keep the ducting straight and taut, any bends or slack will create turbulence and reduce air flow.
If bends are required, it is always better to use pre-formed, metal bends and they have constant diameter that minimises lost air flow.

  • Durable and strong
  • Tear resistant
  • Less light reflection in ducting
  • Steel helix for rigidity
  • Simple to install
Weight N/A

4 Inch (100mm), 5 Inch (125mm), 6 Inch (150mm), 8 Inch (200mm), 10 Inch (250mm), 12 Inch (315mm), 14 Inch (355mm)

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