The full Green Power range of lighting control units are completely built in the UK. They switch the power load away from your timer used to control the light cycle. When using HiD light as a supplement or as the main source for your plants you will need to control the times the lights switch on or off. HiD lighting once switched on creates a large surge of power or electrical load which domestic segmental timers cannot handle. The result is that the domestic timer will fuse together becoming damaged and not repairable or worse an electrical hazard. The main function of the Green power units is to divert the high surge of power electrical load from the HiD lighting away from the timer and through the contactor.This is the safest way to switch HiD lighting. This range of Professional units are contactor driven and will handle large amounts of power and multiple HiD lighting units these units use two UK plug sockets to drive them.

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  • 2 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way or 8 Way
  • Ultra reliable, professional Grasslin timers
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
Weight N/A

2 Way – 1200 Watt – Relay Only(no timer), 2 Way – 1200 Watt – Relay with Timer, 2 Way – 2000 Watt – Grasslin Timer, 3 Way – 1800 Watt – Relay Only(No timer), 4 Way – 4000 Watt – Grasslin Timer, 5 Way Relay with Timer, 6 Way – 4000 Watt – Grasslin Timer, 8 way – 4200 Watt – Grasslin Timer

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