Grow Gadgets Ozone Plug In Generator

Ozone neutralises odours and inhibits moulds and bacteria in the air.
The Ozone Direct – Plug-in Ozone Generator produces an adjustable amount of ozone to help keep the air fresh and clean in areas the size of most domestic rooms.
Ozone Generators are very useful in eliminating odours and mould in damp places, they can help remove musty odours from caravans, garages and cellars.


As ozone attacks and breaksdown organic materials, it is wise not to expose people, plants and pets to high concentrations, ventilate well before access.

  • Produces 7mg of ozone per hour
  • Generates for 3 mins every 10 mins
  • Drastically reduces odours
  • Inhibits mould and bacterial infections
Weight 0.5 kg
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