SuperDrive 1 Litre from Growth Technology

A highly effective vitamin solution for plant development at all stages of growth. Reduces stress and maximises plant performance. Can be applied through the roots or through the leaves, and can be added to nutrient solutions. Easy to use, maximum effect.


Seedlings, clones and young plants
Add to tepid water at 1 ml per litre, apply around roots and repeat weekly.

Soil and coco grown plants
Add to feed water at 1ml per litre, every feed.

Add to nutrient tank at 1-2ml per litre, weekly or every tank change.

Foliar feeding
Add to tepid water at 2ml per litre. Mist foliage, ideally just before lights go off.

  • Reduces transplanting stress
  • Help recover from excess heat
  • Enhances growth
  • Root feed or foliar spray
Weight 1.1 kg
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