HALO is the first product of an entirely new class of plant growth additives utilising the Harpin Alpha Beta protein, a powerful new plant technology. HALO is foliar applied or used as a seed or tuba pre-treatment. HALO’s unique natural protein leads the plant to believe it is under attack, this ‘tricks’ the plant and naturally forces the plant to ‘defend itself’ turning on stress-defence and growth systems and reproducing very rapidly. If a plant ‘believes’ it is under attack, it will grow and reproduce at rapid rates as a means of ensuring it’s survival. This results in a healthier and more productive plant with an increase in crop vigor, stamina, nutrient uptake and reproductive growth (depending on time of application).

HALO has been extensively trialled throughout the world and will provide the following benefits:
A higher growth rate when using lights due to an increase in photosynthesis by up to 25%, in addition nutrient uptake in plants is also increased. Ultimately HALO provides value to growers by increasing yiled and fruit quality.
Activates growth mechanisms that result in improved plant vigour, increased plant stamina and an improved stress-defence response.
Activates cell wall expansion, cell elongation, protein and sugar transport and promotes flower initiation, fruit set and size.
Activates defence mechanisms increasing the plant’s ability to defend itself against certain viral, bacterial and fungal plant diseases.
Pre-harvest applications reduce the incidence of botrytis (bud rot) and extends crop shelf life.

  • Helps with nutrient uptake
  • Increases the plants defence mechanisms
  • Activates cell wall division
  • Raises photosynthesis by 25%
  • Makes plants bigger quicker
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