House and Garden Trace Mix
Fast growing plants can often develop a deficiency of trace elements during their development. Trace elements regulate and facilitate the plant’s metabolism. Without these important minerals, the plant cannot develop properly and growth will slow. 

Trace Mix supplements this deficiency and also contains enzymes and vitamins which act as a catalyst to growth. The most common deficiency symptom in plants is called chlorosis which shows in the yellowing of the plants leaves. This is mainly caused by the deficiency of trace minerals such as zinc, copper boron and a few other minerals.

How to use
Mix in the nutrient tank at 1ml per litre of water, it can also be used as a foliar spray. Trace mix can be used in all mediums and hydro systems.

  • Used as a preventative and cure
  • Helps to stop plant yellowing
  • Contains essential vitamins and enzymes
Weight 1.2 kg
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