Now you can grow even larger plants in the IWS Flood and Drain System.

As these pots are the same size as the brain, 25 Litre, the flood and drain heights will remain as designed.

You may need extra space between plants to allow for the larger plants.

Inner Pots have drainage holes in the base.

Outer pots are drilled to take IWS tees and elbows, please specify Standard or Pro to get the right size hole.

  • 25 Litre Pots
  • Larger plants – greater yields!
  • Inner pots have drainage holes
  • Outer pots drilled for fittings
  • Standard or Pro versions available
Weight N/A

25 Litre Inner Pot, 25 Litre Outer Pot

IWS Flood and Drain Extra Larg...


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