IWS 10 Litre Standard Remote with Rigid Tank

The IWS Standard Remote is a flood and drain system from IWS and, you may have guessed, features a remote timer that you can mount on a wall etc.

The remote timer improves on the, already impressive standard IWS system by allowing you to control the flood cycle from 1 minute up to 60 minutes.

Flood and drain is a horticultural technique whereby nutrient rich solution is pumped into a container, filled with growing media, and then pumped back out.

The draining process draws air into the media which helps keep the rootzone healthy, promotes vigorous growth and exceptional yields.

IWS flood and drain systems can be used with a variety of media such as coco, 60/40(coco/clay), clay pebbles and some growers use soil but for the best results we recommend a good quality 60/40 mix such as Gold Label.

The grower has a choice of inner pot to suit the media used.

The Aqua Pot is perfect for use with clay pebbles.

The Culture Pot is ideal for use with 60/40 or coco.

The Punched Pot can be used with any media but is best suited to soil or coco.

The IWS Standard Remote comes with the following size of Nutrient Reservoir(if you require a different size, contact us for details).

6 Pot  –  100 litre

12 Pot  –  220 litre

18 Pot  –  220 litre

24 Pot  –  220 litre

36 Pot  –  350 litre

48 Pot  –  350 litre

The system includes reservoir, inner and outer pots, all pipework, brain and timer, pots stands and copper discs for each pot, this prevents roots from entering the pipework.

  • Variable flood cycles
  • Choice of inner pot
  • Rigid nutrient tank
  • Includes pot stands and root control discs
  • Precision control
Weight N/A
Inner Pot

Aqua Pot – 6.5 Litre, Culture Pot – 6.5 Litre, Punched Pot – 9 Litre


6 Pot – 100 Litre Rigid Tank, 12 Pot – 250 Litre Rigidi Tank, 24 Pot – 250 Litre Rigid Tank, 36 Pot – 350 Litre Rigid Tank, 48 Pot – 350 Litre Rigid Tank, 18 Pot – 250 Litre Rigid Tank, 12 Pot – 250 Litre Rigid Tank

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