Lava-Lite No Gnats 3 Litre

The roots of a healthy plant are very attractive to pests like fungus gnats(sciarid flies) and are the ideal place for them to lay their eggs, when the larvae hatch, they will happily devour beneficial fungi, plant material and even roots.
No Gnats helps to break the life cycle of these insects, covering the surface of the media with No Gnats makes it very difficult for the adult flies to deposit their eggs in the soil. No Gnats also makes it difficult for the emerging larvae to hatch.
No Gnats also helps to retain moisture in the soil and is completely non-toxic, child/pet/aquatic safe and contains no pesticides.

Simply cover the surface of the growing medium with a 1/2 to 3/4 inch(12 to 20mm) layer of No Gnats, add more as required due to watering in.
No Gnats can be reused or simply disposed of with the soil.

No Gnats will disturb the laying of eggs and emergence of juvenile flies, for maximum protection against fungus gnats, hang Insect Catchers to catch the adult insects before they can breed and use Bug Barriers to stop flies being sucked into the room by fans.
If you suspect that there are already larvae in the soil or coco, it can be treated using Tanlin(Nilnat) or Fertiluma Soil Attack Liquid. 

  • Repel fungus gnats
  • Protect plants roots
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Re-usable
  • Pesticide free
Weight 2.5 kg
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