Complete lighting kits featuring the Ultimate Pro 400 Volt 600 Watt Dimmable Ballast from Lumatek, a Lumatek 600 Watt 400 Volt HPS lamp(bulb) and your choice of reflector.

The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 has been specifically designed to help the hobby-grower access the benefits of using electronics to control and power both 240V MH/HPS and professional 400Volt HPS horticultural lamps. The Lumatek Ultimate Pro automatically detects the lamp connected and then powers that light. A Lumatek 600w 400V Lamp is supplied with the ballast. The 400V lamps are superior to the 240V lamps traditionally used in the hobby hydroponics and indoor garden markets due to their increased efficiency and greater PAR spectrum output. Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) refers to the part of the light spectrum that plants actually use to photosynthesize and make energy to grow.

Choose the reflector that suits your requirements, the reflectors are pictured below as featured products for comparison.

  • Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 Watt 400 Volt Ballast
  • Lumatek 600 Watt 400 Volt HPS Bulb
  • Your choice of reflector
  • Ballast can run 240 or 400 Volt lamps
  • Can also run HPS or Metal Halide
Weight N/A

Aerowing – Air Cooled, Adjust-a-wing Defender Medium – White, Dutch Barn – Eurowing, Cool Tube – 125mm, Cool Tube 6 Inch – 150mm, Adjust-a-wing Avenger – Medium, Adjust-a-wing Avenger – Large, Grostar Parabolic

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