LUMii MAXii Reflector for CFL Lamps

The LUMii MAXii is a simple and effective Dutch barn or Euro style reflector, that, uniquely, has a movable E40 lamp holder to allow the use of CFL, HPS or Metal Halide lamps. It is an open-ended, highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector, which gives an efficient and even distribution of light.

The LUMii HID to CFL Converter kit contains a short additional cord set to convert the supplied IEC to UK 3pin plug, as well as a support device to assist with the additional weight of a CFL lamp.


As CFL(compact fluorescent lighting) lamps do not require a ballast, simply plug the converter onto the reflector cord, you can now plug directly into a socket or timer.


With the LUMii MAXii Reflector and the CFL converter kit you can use a cool CFL lamp for vegetative growth, then if you are flowering, switch to a HPS lamp, Sylvania Grolux for example, by simply unplugging the converter plug and plugging into a ballast.


Height: 190mm | Width: 430mm | Length: 470mm

Lamp Holder and Cord Set are rated for use with lamps up to 600 watts.

  • E40 lamp holder for most lamps
  • Adjustable for different lamp sizes
  • Lamp support device included
  • Highly reflective and durable
Weight 1.5 kg
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