The LUMii SOLAR 630 is a complete fixture that powers 2 x 315W SOLAR ceramic discharge metal-halide lamp (CDM) in GRO and PRO lamps that will give your plants the best possible spectrum of light.

CDM lamps are extremely efficient ceramic metal halide lamps with a spectral output close to natural sunlight. As a result, plants form more lateral branches, have smaller internodal spacing, more flowering sites and larger root systems, culminating in strong, healthy growth and high quality yields.

GRO Lamps have a colour temperature of 4200k and are perfect for vegatitive or supplemental lighting.

PRO Lamps have a colour temperature of 3200k and are perfect for flowering and can be used from start to finish.

Available with either 2 x GRO,2 x Pro lamps or 1 x Gro and 1 x Pro in the same fixture.

  • Very efficient
  • High PAR rating
  • Mix lamp for high quality crops
  • Short circuit protection
Weight N/A

With 2 x 315w Gro lamps – 4200k, With 2 x 315w Pro lamps – 3200k, With 1 x 315w Gro and 1 x 315w Pro lamps

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