Complete lighting kits featuring the Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 240/400 Volt 600 Watt Dimmable Ballast, a Philips Greenpower 400 volt lamp(bulb) and your choice of reflector.

The Maxibright Digilight Pro Gold 240/400 Volt 600 Watt Dimmable Ballast has 4 power settings 400, 500, 600 and 660 watt and can run both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs.

Another great feature of this ballast is its ability to run either 240 or 400 volt lamps and sense which lamp is being used without user input. 

The Philips Greenpower 600 Watt 400 Volt is the premium high pressure sodium bulb and can be used for veg and flower.

Choose the reflector that suits your requirements.

  • Ballast can take 240v or 400v lamps
  • Ballast can be used with MH or HPS bulbs
  • Your choice of reflector
  • Your choice of lamp
Weight N/A

Philips Greenpower 600 Watt 400 Volt, Sunmaster DS 600 Watt 400 Volt


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