Monkey Nutrients Bloom A & B – Base Nutrient
Monkey Nutrients Bloom is a high quality base nutrient perfectly formulated for high yielding flowering and fruiting plants.
Bloom is used in the flowering period, it helps to minimising stress and increases nutrient uptake, ready to maximise fruit and flower yields.

As Monkey says themselves “Made by growers, Monkey knows the importance of proper nutrition throughout a plants life-cycle. All elements are of equal significance through your plant’s different stages of development, but the ratios required for perfect plants changes as they grow and bloom. 
Monkey Bloom A+B takes all the essential elements and puts them into just the right proportion, so your plants can achieve the heaviest fruits and most fantastic blooms. There’s no monkeying around with different nutrients for your method of growing either, just a solid Monkey A and Monkey B Bloom for increased flower sites and dense fruits throughout the flowering period.
When your plants are on our Monkey Bloom A+B, you will be the true king of the bloomers.”

Dilute equal parts of A & B with feed water at 2.5 to 3.5ml per litre during the flowering period.
To avoid shocking the plants, always allow water to come up to room temperature before use.
Monkey Bloom can be used with coco, soil or hydro and in any system.
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Although Bloom is perfectly good on its own, for best results use with Boost, PK, Stress and Root Shoot.
Leaving water to stand overnight helps chlorine to escape from tap water, if you need to use straight away, add Ecothrive Neutraliser to de-chlorinate. 

  • High quality base nutrient
  • For heavy fruits and blooms
  • UK formulation
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • For all media and methods
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5 Litre, 25 Litre

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