A unique and totally revolutionary system to alleviate the problem of a lack of dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution for hydroponic growers. O2XS deep water culture grow system takes hydroponics to a new level. The O2XS system super saturates the nutrient solution through pressure. Allowing a consistently higher level of dissolved oxygen that surpasses saturation point and is maintained under the plants biological demand (BOD). This cannot be achieved in any other system in the world. Each system is made to order. Please call to confirm system configuration.

  • Super saturated dissolved oxygen nutrient solution
  • Explosive root and plant growth
  • No need for weekly water change
  • Less nutrients required throughout a cycle
  • Big plant system, less plant required
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6 Pot, 8 Pot, 10 Pot, 12 Pot, 16 Pot, 18 Pot, 20 Pot, 24 Pot

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