Oxypot 8 Pot
The Oxypot 8  Pot comes with 8 x 22L buckets each having their own air stone fed by a 8 way air pump. 

How it works
The highly oxygenated nutrient solution gives rapid root and plant growth. The size of these buckets allows you to grow a decent size plant meaning that with a little extra vegetative time you can cut your plant numbers down. Normally a rockwool block would be placed inside each mesh basket and then dressed with clay pebbles. Always make sure that the waterline is about an inch below the rockwool block, this will help to prevent root disease.

  • Rapid root and plant growth
  • Big plant system
  • Less plant numbers required
  • Very easy to set up and use
Weight 23.98 kg
Oxypot 8 Pot


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