Parlux Linx 1000W Digital Lighting Fixture – Temperature Controllable

A highly efficient, controllable 1000w complete fixture which, when used with the Master Controller, allows you to protect your plants from excessive temperatures.
Simply set the upper temperature limit and the Controller will dim the fixtures to maintain the correct environment and avoid overheating.
The complete fixture has a highly reflective finish to the reflector and offers the perfect spread for most growers.


This fixture can be used with the Master Controller or with a timer/contactor just like a standard ballast.
It can be used with all 400 volt double ended lamps, both High Pressure Sodium(HPS) and Metal Halide(MH), and can be operated at various wattages, 600, 750, 1000 or 1100 watts(Super Lumen).


  • Multi-linkable digital fixture
  • Parlux Master Controller ready
  • Smart-Step Technology
  • Re-Strike of Hot Lamp
  • Advanced Ultra High Frequency Technology
Weight 10 kg
Parlux Linx 1000W Digital Ligh...


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