Pea Netting 2 metre Wide Plant Support
A strong but lightweight polypropylene net, ideal for vertical and horizontal support for climbing plants and vegetables. When used vertically, Gladiator plant support net can uphold even the heaviest of crops such as cucumbers, peas and beans. When used horizontally, it will provide support for flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations and long stemmed roses. Successive layers can be added to allow for extra security as plants mature. 

Supporting the weight of you plant can really help improve flower size. If the plant is unsupported it snap, break or make the plant

How to use
Tent users, all that’s needed is to firmly cable tie the netting to the corner poles at you desired height and let the plant grow through, make sure it’s nice and tight.
If you’re in room, put batton at either end of the room at your desired height, screw some hooks into the batton and then hook the netting from one end to the other re hooking at the opposite end making sure the netting is nice and tight.

  • Adds plant support
  • Helps to maximise fruit size
  • Stops the plant from snapping, bending or falling
  • Helps flowers reach their full potential
Weight N/A

Per metre, 500 Metre Roll

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