Plant!T Reduced Peat Pro Soil 50 Litre Bag
The Plant!T Reduced Peat Pro Soil is a unique blend designed to increase yield, with added beneficial microbes to produce bigger and better plants. The soil includes wood fibres which improve drainage, provide excellent aeration and offers easy re-wetting. Its eco-friendly reduced peat content means that this soil doesn’t shrink when dry like other peat-based alternatives, which means it is also great for using on lawns. 

How to Use
Fill a pot and then tap to help settle the mix. Plant out, and water in thoroughly.    
Reduced Peat Pro Soil will feed for the first 3-4 weeks, throughout this period water as required however, for best results we recommend you start to add nutrient at low doses every other time you water your plant. Increase nutrient dosage and irrigation frequency as required once plants are established and growing well.
Plant!T Earth Feeds are specifically developed to support plants growing in Reduced Peat Pro Soil.

Weight 16 kg
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