Simbiosoil Plus 1 KG – Organic Soil Improver with Soil Bacteria

SimbioSoil Plus is a high quality, organic soil improver that provides a high concentration of biostimulating microorganisms. SimbioSoil Plus is produced using wet olive husks as raw material; it undergoes an exclusive biological transformation and stabilisation process. After a prolonged period of maturation and controlled selection, the core containing the highest concentration of beneficial microorganisms is chosen for extraction.


SimbioSoil Plus restores and improves the balance of biodiversity in your substrates micro biota. It also provides organic micro and macro nutrients which are easily assimilated for plants.
SimbioSoil plus reduces plant stress levels, lowering their sensitivity towards both biotic and abiotic stress. It also helps to increase uptake and synthesis of nutrients, allowing for vigorous growth and improved general health.
SimbioSoil is a great source of organic sustenance, providing a high level of moisture to regenerate and conserve the fertility of your substrate, as well as enhancing the cationic exchange capacity (CEC). The beneficial microbes contained within SimbioSoil will help to prevent any pathogens from establishing a presence in your substrate.

SimbioSoil Plus does not contain any animal droppings; it is free from urban solid waste, antibiotics and synthetic compounds.

SimbioSoil Plus does not contain or transmit any bad smells or residues to plants and can be used confidently with sensitive crops.


Charging new substrate
– 10 grams per litre
Mix thoroughly with soil or coco then add a couple of grams neat to the planting hole.

Re-charging used media – 20 grams per litre
Remove the root ball and any loose root from the soil or coco.
Mix thoroughly into the media then add a couple of grams neat to the planting hole.

Stock or Mother Plants – 5-10 grams per litre
Sprinkle over the top of the substrate and carefully mix in.
Apply every 3-6 months.

  • Stimulates plants growth
  • Improves nutrients assimilation
  • Helps resist stress
  • Aids transplanting stress
  • Regenerates substrates
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Simbiosoil Plus 1 KG


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