Sugar Rush 1 Litre – Flowering Stimulator

Sugar Rush is a powerful 100% organic flowering stimulator that increases resin production and maximises the sugar content of fruits and flowers,

It achieves this by utilising a unique blend of carbohydrates, amino acids and sugar types.


Sugar Rush can be used with any other nutrient brand.

Can be used in soil, coco or hydro.

2ml per litre from the start of flowering through to the end of week 7

What does it do?

Carbohydrates are basically energy for your plants. Whilst your plants can store a certain amount of this energy for when they need it most in Flower, they have limited resources to do so. By adding Sugar Rush you are boosting their carb intake and giving them the fuel required to push flavour and yield to the limit.

Not to be outdone, Amino acids are of equal importance, acting as multi-taskers and giving your plants support in an abundance of ways. They assist plants in combatting stress, increasing root mass, triggering natural defence mechanisms, stimulating essential metabolic activity and promote nutrient absorption. This added layer of support is welcomed by your plant during Flowering allowing it to keep focus on the job in hand, producing the biggest and best fruit possible.

Sugar Rush can be used throughout your plants lifecycle but is essential from week 2 of Flower right through until Flush to bring out the best in your plants. Get ready to see maximum yields and budding sites, as well as optimum floral development, flowering, essential oils and improved taste.

  • For all media
  • Can be used with any nutrient brand
  • For quality and yields
Weight 1 kg
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