X-Stream Thermostat
Thermostat for controlling heated propagators or heat mats up to 500 watts. 

Bottom heat applied to fresh cuttings not only increases the strike rate or success rate, but it also increases the speed  at which the cuttings will root. 

Bottom heat is especially needed in the colder months, this is often the difference between cuttings rooting quickly and in good health or the cutting struggling to root in bad health, for example yellowing, which will slow the plant down as it will need to recover and increase the vegetative time.

How to use
Plug the heating mat or the heated propagator into the thermostat and set to the desired temperature, normally 22 degrees C. Then place the thermostatic probe inside propagator, normally inside an unused rockwool or jiffy pellet, this will give you an accurate reading of the root temperature.

  • Maintain perfect rooting temperatures
  • For heat mats or propagators
  • Up to 500 watts capacity
Weight 1 kg
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