Top Climate Supreme 10000 Air Conditioner – 8200 Watt Cooling Capacity

The Top Climate Supreme Air Conditioning Unit takes heat from the air and transfers it to water, within the unit, which is then piped away. This means that no external unit is required.

These impressive new units replace the Top Climate Elite and offer many improvements such as:

Lower power consumption
DC motor instead of an AC motor for soft starting and improved reliability
New Touch Screen LED Controller, simpler to use – greater flexibility
Electronic water valves ensure that water is only used when needed
12 Month Warranty    


Simple to use – Plug and Play
Cooling, heating and dehumidifying functions
Digital Colour LED Control Panel
Day and Night settings
Single phase power
DC Motor and ultra quiet operation
Temperature, humidity and light sensors included


Cooling capacity  8.2 KW
Cooling power consumption 1.95 KW
Heating power   3 KW
Power supply   230 Volt
Dimensions   886mm x 624mm x 492mm
Weight    90 KG


  • Simple to Use – Plug and Play
  • Digital Colour LED Control Panel
  • Electronic water valves to save water usage
  • Day and Night settings
  • Needs only single phase power supply
Weight 90 kg
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