Origin Duo Slab System (formerly known as Wilma)

A simple but effective hydroponic system designed for use with 1 metre Rockwool or Coco slabs, it can also be used with Grodan Hugo Blocks or 6.5 litre square pots.

The Origin is great for beginners and expert gardeners looking for a simple recirculating, self watering set up.


The Duo measures 117cm long x 59cm wide x 23cm tall, the channels measure 100cm long x 15cm wide.

If using Rockwool or coco the plants don’t need to be watered all the time, an Imperium timer is perfect for controlling the feed cycles.

If using pots with plain clay pebbles the plants can be watered continuously.

Kit includes
Nutrient Tank
Top Tray
All pipework and 10 drippers
Maxijet MJ 1000 Water pump
Full instructions

  • Takes 1 metre Rockwool Slabs
  • Can be used with Hugo blocks
  • Can be used with up to 10 x 6.5 litre square pots
  • Supplied with 10 drippers
  • Formerly known as Wilma
Weight 20 kg
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