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G.A.S. Hyper Fan Controller



Thermostatically control your Hyper Fans with the Hyper Fan Temperature Speed Controller

This controller is very easy to use and can control 1 extraction fan or, with the use of a splitter cable, an intake and extraction fan.

This controller is designed for use with the Hyper Fan and the Hyper Fan Stealth which are EC (electrically commutated) digital fans, the advantages of these fans are much lower power consumption, low noise levels and because EC fans are easier to control, the fan controllers are cheaper and don't buzz when speed is reduced unlike many standard fan controllers.


Ideally install the Fan Controller away from excess humidity and locate the temperature sensor in the growing area but out of direct light.

Them simply set the temperature and the minimum fan speed (tick over), then the controller will increase/decrease the fan speed to maintain the correct temperature.

If you are using intake and extraction fans always use a smaller in fan to a larger out fan, this ensures that your grow tent or room has a negative air pressure.

A negative pressure means all extracted air leaves via the carbon filter, eliminating odours, and allows plants to transpire efficiantly.


If your plants are producing excess humidity in the dark cycle, gradually increase the minimum fan speed to control the moisture.


  • For use with Hyper Fans and Hyper Fans Stealth
  • Controls 1 fan or 2 fans with splitter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Minimum fan speed setting