8 Way Manifold with Tee’s are a simple way of supplying water or nutrient solution to irrigation drippers, they can also be used with air pumps and air stones.
These manifold’s are available with 13mm or 19mm connections.


Simply attach the manifold to your water pump with flexible pipe or hose, then attach your drippers to the manifold with 4mm flexible pipe. A small piece of flexible pipe is then connected to the manifold and a stop end to complete the fitting.
If more drippers are used, simply add more manifolds before the stop end i.e. 8, 16, 24 drippers and so on.
A small length of 4mm pipe and a 4mm stop end can be used to block off any unused outlets.

Making the dripper lines the same length allows for more even water delivery.

  • Ideal for drip irrigation
  • Suitable for air lines
  • 8 x 4mm outlets
  • 8 Way Manifold with Tee
Weight N/A

8 Way Manifold with 13mm Tee, 8 Way Manifold with 19mm Tee



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