Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Coco – 2 Part Base Nutrient

A high quality 2 part base nutrient formulated by Advanced Nutrient’s team of boffins to be perfect for coco growers with any level of experience.

Contains humic acids and all essential micro and macro nutrients required for vigorous growth and great yields.

Suitable for most growing methods including flood and drain, Autopot, Easyfeed, drip systems or just hand watering.


1ml per litre for cuttings and seedlings

2-4ml for growing plants.


Using a good quality Cal Mag supplement will always help coco grown plants to achieve their potential, is also helps to avoid difficiences.

  • Formulated for Coco Coir
  • For most growing methods
  • Promotes vigorous growth
  • High quality
Weight N/A

1 Litre, 4 Litre

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