Bio Green Hydro A & B – Base Nutrient for All Media

Biogreen Hydro A&B is a complete and premium two-part base feed specifically designed
to be used all the way from the start of vegetation period until the end of flowering.

Blended for abundant availability of macro and micro-elements for healthy plant growth, Hydro A/B isa high-quality base nutrient for all growing media.
It is designed to work seamlessly with irrigation/dripper systems.
Hydro A/B achieves lush early growth and explosive late flowering.


All the ingredients come from the best natural resources, providing exceptional quality. Biogreen is made from pure raw materials and is totally PGR free.

Hydro A Composition:

NO3 3,18%, CaO 2,12%, MgO 1,40%, NH4 1,17%, Fe 0,0015%.

Hydro B Composition:

K2O 5,71%, P2O5 5,20%, NO3 0,68%, Fe 0,00031%, Mn 0,00021%, B 0,00004%, Cu 0,00004%, Zn 0,00004%, Mo 0,00001%.

  • For all growing media
  • Can be used with most growing techniques
  • Complete base nutrient
Weight 12 kg
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